What would you do with hundreds of custom proteins instead of just a few?

Advances in DNA synthesis, DNA sequencing, and de novo protein design have made exploration of diverse sets of sequences easier. The challenge has now moved to protein expression. The solution is Sol by Tierra.

Sol by Tierra is powered by cell-free expression

Tierra’s proprietary cell-free expression technology utilizes the components of a living cell, but not the cell itself. While cells are great at self-replication, engineering and manipulating them can be a challenge.  Our technology allows you to remove the bottleneck of cells. 

There’s an easier and more cost-effective pathway to your downstream assays.

Sol by Tierra grants you access to Tierra’s technology, using automation, computation, and high-throughput cell-free expression for expressing genes from diverse sources.

Focus on your research and iterate faster.

By providing high throughput rapid protein production from digital protein sequences, Tierra allows you to move quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to your downstream assays to screen and identify hits.


Formulate your next big scientific idea

Identify 5-1000 sequences to explore your research question.


Enter your digital protein sequences

Upload your set of sequences to our friction-free ordering platform.


Get feedback on your sequences

We’ll evaluate your sequences to gauge production success.


Place your order

When you’re ready, easily initiate your order online.


Tierra generates your proteins

Learn more about how this works.


Proteins arrive

Your validated proteins arrive at your lab.


Start your downstream assays

Jump right in to screening for your target and discover your hit.

Protein expression can be easy, fast and reliable.

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