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Scientific discovery moves at the speed of talent

Tierra is accelerating the pace of discovery by making access to high-throughput cell-free protein synthesis simple and convenient for any researcher in any field. To make that happen, we know it takes a passionate team of highly talented people who strive to be an essential part of the scientific community making the world a better place. If that’s you, then this is where you belong.

We offer competitive compensation packages with comprehensive benefits and a chance to work with others who share your values. If you are interested in a position, please view our open positions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Making a difference every day, learning new skills, helping each other & building value are some of the reasons I joined the Tierra team & I have not been disappointed!


At Tierra, everyone's ideas are taken seriously, no matter your job title. Whether it's designing a new protocol, streamlining lab organization, or brainstorming whimsical equipment names, everyone's input is valued.

Associate Automation Engineer

I enjoy working at Tierra because I have the opportunity to work with creative individuals and be part of a collaborative team. I’m constantly learning and improving my skill sets.

Associate Scientist

The culture at Tierra is supportive and collaborative. I love working here because I am invigorated by the groundbreaking science and motivated by our team to do the best I can do!

Research Associate

Tierra’s been the perfect place for me to pursue my passion for proteins. Every day I get to try new things that propel my professional and personal growth and I feel truly fulfilled by the impact I’m making.

Sr. Scientist

I love working at Tierra because I am encouraged to be my best self while pushing myself to become better. I know I can reach out to anyone for help and they’ll be there to support me.

Associate Product Manager

What I find most exciting at Tierra is the integration of multiple disciplines including science, engineering, computer science and product development. Having a shared vision of what it is we are building, and what follows enables me to have a common focus with the rest of the team, and as a result we all move faster.

Sr. Automation Engineer