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Conference May 29 - May 30, 2024

2024 BioMADE Member Meeting

Join us at BioMADE on May 29 & 30, 2024 for BioMADE’s third annual Member Meeting. This is the best opportunity of the year to connect, network, and learn from other members, representatives from the U.S. government, and BioMADE staff.

Join hundreds of the best and brightest minds in bioindustrial manufacturing to share latest products and technologies, network with each other, learn best practices, and more. The opportunity to network with other members and U.S. government representatives is a key benefit of BioMADE membership as we work together to build the bioindustrial manufacturing ecosystem across the nation.


Vendor Show May 23, 2024

BVS' Innovation Symposium & Vendor Expo Biotech Community Expo in Cambridge

This biotech community event will bring together researchers from local biotech/pharma accounts in Cambridge/Boston and the surrounding areas to see the latest in tools, technologies, and equipment to help advance life science research. In addition to many of the top life science companies attending, there will be a four part technical speaker series highlighting the latest cutting-edge technologies and advancements from participating exhibitors. 

This event will feature Fireside Chat, numerous technical presentations, vendor exhibits, appetizers/buffet & drinks. 

Vendor Show May 22, 2024

Vendor Show at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Visit us and connect with Tierra representatives at the upcoming Life Science Exhibits Research Supplier Product Show at the Longwood Medical Area at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Vendor Show May 15, 2024

BVS' EMD Serono Research & Development Institute Biotech Community Expo in Billerica

Gain exclusive access to researchers from the EMD Serono Research & Development Institute and the nearby MilliporeSigma location. Sponsored by both strategic procurement and product development sourcing teams, this event offers insights into EMD's research centers focused on neurology & immunology, fertility, endocrinology, and oncology.

Vendor Show May 14, 2024

BVS' Biotech Community Event at Biovista Life Science Campus in San Diego

Join us for an outdoor Biotech Community Event, open to all tenants including InsulInsulet, Insmed, Biolabs, Molecular Assemblies, Plexium, as well as local life science researchers and entrepreneurs from the surrounding area. The event will feature vendor exhibits, refreshments provided by California English, and relaxed evening networking. Don't miss out on special raffle prizes and expect an excellent turnout!

Vendor Show May 8, 2024

BioMed Realty + BVS' Biotech Community Event at University Park Commons in Cambridge

This show will be focused on the employees of Takeda at 35 Landsdowne Street and the other tenants in their building. Plus, the local biotech/pharma companies. The event will be a combination of vendor exhibits, great food & drinks. We will have extra special raffle prizes and expect an excellent turnout.

Vendor Show May 2, 2024

Vendor Show at Northwestern University

Visit us and connect with Tierra representatives at the Research Supplier Product Show for researchers at Northwestern University.

Vendor Show Apr 18, 2024

Biotech Vendor Expo during Altitude Lab’s Demo Day in Salt Lake City

Demo Day 2024, is where Utah's health care entrepreneurship scene takes center stage. Get ready for an immersive experience featuring industry visionaries, innovative startups, and insightful panel discussions. The event will include a Biotech Vendor Expo and the not-to-be-missed After Dark Demo Day Party. Held at the Rice Eccles Stadium Event Space and will take place from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM. 

Vendor Show Mar 27, 2024

Vendor Show at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN

Visit us and connect with Tierra representatives at the Research Supplier Product Show for researchers at The Clinic.

Vendor Show Mar 26, 2024

BVS' Biotech Community Event at SOVA in San Diego

Join us for an Outdoor Biotech Community Event at SOVA Science District, where fellow scientists and entrepreneurs come together to connect, network, and engage with the industry's leading suppliers!

Conference Mar 9 - Mar 13, 2024

US HUPO 2024

We are excited to attend the 20th Annual US HUPO Conference in Portland, OR. The theme this year is 'bridging ‘omics to function'.

Find Tierra at Booth #2
Learn More at our Poster P01.21

Vendor Show Feb 27, 2024

Vendor Show at Xencor in Pasadena, CA

Xencor has unique protein design automation technologies that engineer protein therapeutics.

Talk Feb 9, 2024

NIST Workshop: Advancing Cell-free Manufacturing

Determine steps towards more reproducible, scalable, and automated cell-free systems for use in bioengineering and biomanufacturing.

Conference Feb 9, 2024

Generative Biology and Its Therapeutic Potential

A scientific conference and networking session hosted by Amgen. Learn more at our poster

Talk Dec 14, 2023

Cultivated Meat Collaborative Seminar