Tierra exists to empower scientists to identify their next big discovery. 

Our Mission

Scientific discoveries will unlock a sustainable future. However, biology is complex and often difficult to manipulate.  By breaking out of the cell, and using the components of biology in a cell-free system, we want to fundamentally change the way scientists approach discovery. Breaking the bounds of biology will lead to game-changing innovations.

Our Technology

Proteins, enabled by cell-free synthetic biology.

A diagram of the Tierra Protein Platform from sequence input to analysis to synthesis of up to thousands fo custom proteins.

Tierra has been perfecting the science of cell-free systems, starting from technology originally developed at Caltech and backed by DARPA. We deploy automation and AI, our learning platform, around proprietary cell-free systems to enable combinatoric protein synthesis that is completely ex vivo. Three things can be easily varied using Tierra technology that is difficult when using cells:

Sequence variants
Different DNA variants of the input can be produced and expressed in parallel.

Cell-free systems
Tierra has multiple cell-free systems representing the diversity of life, spanning gram-positive, gram-negative, and eukaryotic species.

Known additives to the system, such as cofactors or salts, can be supplemented.

The end product is not only physical protein, but also multiple layers of rich and actionable data that informs the protein synthesis workflow.

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