Case Study Protein Engineering and Optimization

Find your optimal protein by shuffling domains, varying tags, and changing linkers.

The Problem

How do you efficiently optimize a target protein and explore all options?

The Tierra Solution

Tierra can empirically optimize your protein through combinatoric exploration of variants.

Protein engineering is both a skill and an art. What variant works best? Where do you tag a protein without destroying its activity? What tags work best? What combinations of domains work best? What linkers work best? While hints to the answer may come from literature, typically the answer arises from empirical trial-and-error, which takes time and resources to explore.

Sol by Tierra accelerates the testing process, using its throughput to let you find your optimal protein, fast. By using cell-free systems, we can avoid cloning. This lets us build and test multiple variants purely in vitro faster it takes to build and test one or two in cells.

For those getting started in protein chemistry, Sol by Tierra takes guesswork out of protein optimization. If you do not know what tags or reporters work best, we can automatically vary tags or reporters in our system to empirically identify the best expressing variant. This minimizes effort on your end and lets you focus on your downstream work, be it activity assays, microscopy, ELISAs, or structural biology.

Different tags, linkers, and domains can be combinatorially shuffled to empirically find the right protein variant for your application.

For experts, Sol by Tierra multiplies your efforts to exhaustively test all of your variants, not just a handful. Variants can be individually tested en masse, domains can be combinatorially shuffled and tags can be combinatorially tested, hundreds at a time. Not only will you find the right variant for your downstream assay, but you also will know what doesn’t work to drive the next iteration of your engineering process. 

Don’t limit yourself to low throughput from cells. Sol by Tierra is the tool you need to find your optimal winner for your downstream workflow.

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Protein Engineering and Optimization

Find your optimal protein by shuffling domains, varying tags, and changing linkers.

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