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What would you do with all of your custom proteins instead of just a few?

Advances in DNA synthesis, DNA sequencing, and de novo protein design have made exploration of diverse sets of sequences easier. The challenge has now moved to protein synthesis.

The solution is the Tierra Protein Platform.

Breaking the bounds of biology

Speed, scale and simplicity. Get your custom, purified µg- and mg-scale proteins in as little as 3 weeks.

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Proteins, Pure & Simple

With the Tierra Protein Platform, we deploy machine-learning informed AI and automation to give you rapid access to a high diversity of custom proteins. Input your digital protein sequences and get physical, testable material that has gone through extensive experimental validation and QA/QC, accompanied by a depth of actionable protein data. One portal. Custom proteins. Simple.

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“Tierra’s platform is able to screen for potential [proteins] at a rate limited only by the availability of new DNA sequences.”

The Economist

Experience AI-driven custom protein synthesis at scale, only from Tierra.

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