Part-Time Data Engineer

Tierra Biosciences is a synthetic biology company that enables scientists focused on exploring the natural world and discovering the key properties of their system to develop the next generation of bioproducts. To do this, we are building a software engine to power a high-throughput protein production platform. This engine will help understand the properties on incoming sequences to maximize the success of our clients, as well as helping to support the team of scientists in understanding the key factors required for success at the lab bench.


We are looking for a self-motivated Data Engineer, willing to work on diverse problems and contribute to solutions to our engineering and software development problems. The ideal person will have excellent communication, will work independently and collaboratively, and have successfully executed several coding projects. The perfect candidate will be well versed with python, JavaScript and have experience building cloud-native applications. Background in ML tools like Adobe Spark/Pytorch, bioinformatics, and/or mathematics a plus. This is a remote contract position for ~20 hours/week. We have an urgent-need first project to be completed in a few weeks, but ongoing needs with several other projects of varying scope. When applying to this position, both a resume and cover letter are required for consideration.



·      Lead the generation modules that replicate complex experimental setup requiring multiple steps of organization, math, and matrix manipulation

·      Build tools to abstract information for protein sequence data and biological databases

·      Develop approaches to visualize and learn from our data

·      Leverage big-data tools and apply them to direct observation of the real-world behavior of proteins

·      Prioritize tasks for immediate needs vs long term goals



·      Fluency with python and javascript

·      Experience with libraries such as pandas, numpy, biopython

·      Knowledge of database design and implementation (SQL)

·      Demonstrated development of custom algorithms

·      Motivated by creating solutions for others

·      Experience with AWS and other cloud computing services a plus

If interested, please use the link below to send your resume and cover letter to with the position name in the subject.